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This website shows you drills used by high level coaches to assist stroke production, tactical play and shot selection. 

Practical on court training that works and will help you bring the best out of your students.

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Hand Fed Drills 

Academies and tour level coaches are using more and more hand fed drill.  We have some of the best available that you can use and adapt to your players.

Hand Fed Drills

Live Ball Drills 

These drills challenge the control and consistency of your players whilst asking for good discipline and application.

Live Ball Drills

Basket Drills 

Basket drills are an essential part of player development and are used at all levels of the game.  These are particularly useful for upgrading skills and endurance.

Basket Drills

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Getting back on court after the pandemic, lessons will be more 1 to 1 and socially distanced.

It's the on court work that counts.

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