The onemoreball story

We know tennis, in fact we've taught it to the world.

Our lives have been completely devoted to tennis, competing, coaching players, and educating coaches.

We want to share our knowledge with you.

Our site gives you access to a wealth of experience that will move your Tennis forward.

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onemoreball has a philosophy of placing you the coach at the centre of everything that we do, so you can put yourself at the centre of everything you do both on and off the court.

Clive and I understand the pressures and issues that you face everyday being a busy tennis professional because we have lived in the real world of tennis.

Being a coach today is more than just the ability to play tennis, you have to be able to teach a wide range of ages and abilities in often challenging situations. Pressure on court time, scheduled matches, the weather and club officials.

The modern tennis coach has to have an eclectic skills base, IT, sales, people skills and above all be great on court.

That is where we come in, our “20 Essential Drills” package has been tried and tested around the world and produces results at every level from starter players to world class.

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Johnny Carrigan


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Our Founding

onemoreball was originally founded by brothers Clive and John Carrigan in 2010. It was designed to assist the tennis community develop and maximise their potential. Since then it has grown into the online tennis club you see today. 

We're glad you're here!

Where does the name "onemoreball" come from?

It is the very essence of playing the game we all love, make onemoreball to win the point!

We really hope that you enjoy our community tennis club!

Johnny Co-founder OMB