Parents and Coaches do you teach children to play tennis?

You can help you get them started on their tennis journey. We will show you everything you need to know to help children learn basic skills. From basic racket and ball skills to how to hit basic shots, we will help you engage your child and reward their improvement.

Kidskills is a unique award based skills programme. Children earn certificates for completing Levels 1-10. Not every child competes, this is how you can show them they're improving.

As a member, you'll gain access to the certification programme. We will send you the personalised KidSkills awards for you to present to your child or player.

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Award your children these certificates Level 1 to Level 10. Each one personalised, and awarded upon completion of a specific skill that can be taught by you, anywhere, on any court, or in any space.

Any Ball

These drills are ideal for players making their way through the early years of tennis, focusing on fun and achievement.

Many of the drills can be adapted to any age, any colour ball, any court, but some skills are best learnt with a ball that bounces a bit more.


A Few Tips

Learning tennis can be hard, and doesn't happen quickly. Show patience, and understand these are new skills for children. "Good try" is the best phrase after a mistake. And make it FUN! When children enjoy coming to the court, they will learn faster and stay in the game longer.

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